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The best way to way to contact us would be email! (at the moment that is our only contact)

Email us pictures of your journey and we’ll share them on ours!



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  1. The Rev Kev *Kevin / Sep 26 2010 9:14 pm

    Awesome, this is really cool thing you have here, came across your page on another web site (I commented there as well) Although I can not say I have ever seen one of these, the thought is crazy. Its like finding a radom fortune cookie lol. No matter what the message you leave finding one of these could really changes some one’s day. The thought that there are good people out there that take the couple min out of there day to stick one of these on a window is great. Just want to say thank you, because you deserve it, what you do should not go unnoticed. Although you seem to seek no reward for these little postitnotes I hope your day is brighter knowing that these little messages can change people and really move others. Its truly insperational!! Thanks!

    • To write love on a post it. / Nov 23 2010 4:12 am

      Thank you so much for this comment! Our only hope is that these postits will brighten someone’s day. It is truly rewarding because it is rewarding to others. We have been blogging less because our semesters are pretty heavy, but we still find some time just about every day to post some of these around. We definitely appreciate your input! We are taking our postit adventure on a road trip in December, hopefully you have time to check out what we post from that experience. Have a wonderful day 🙂 gabriellemercedes<3

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