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Welcome to Postitsforlove, a blog started by a group of friends who wanted to change the world, one small brightly colored square at a time. The basis of our idea was to buy post its and markers, write short inspirational and sweet messages on them and randomly stick them to cars or anywhere we saw worthy and wait. This may sound creepy, but we didn’t care. We wanted to see the reaction from those passing by and from those who got a note in the first place. I hope this idea inspires you to go out and make someones day as well. We are planning on doing this many places, and each time we do a Postitsforlove event I will post pictures on this blog. You are welcome to follow our journey and help conquer our quest by starting your own. Together we can change the world, one sweet post it at a time.

Thank you again for visiting our blog. I hope you follow our adventures, and share your own. This is already so much bigger than any of us could have ever imagined. Every view we get on this page makes us extraordinarily happy because it means we have somehow affected your life. Each view sincerely affects ours.

Love Always,
❤ M,M,M,S,G

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