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November 23, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

Postits: We’re going to Disney World! (or well, we already went)

🙂 hey guys! so, sorry again for the lacking of postage on the sight. we’ve been busy busy bee’s this semester trying to catch up with school work and working like crazy to try and make money$. haha, but we met this past weekend for a magical weekend in orlando. Thursday we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (AH MAZING <3), friday we hung together, making inside jokes and memories, and made postits for the following day. saturday was a little rocky to begin with, got stuck in traffic on the way to disney but all in all got there in good time. honestly, this day was the most amazing day i’ve ever experienced in my life. Throughout the course of the day we met the most amazing and friendliest people. Ranging from families with small children who we played hand clap games with, to a worker who was kind enough to take our picture and direct us to another fun place to take pictures, to a ferry captain who was hilarious. These people and many more definitely added to our amazing disney experience, the only thing we can think that we did to make others day better is of course, one of our favorite things to do; post postits. mainly at our first stop, downtown disney, our postits were stuck to cars, poles, trash cans, bathrooms, and many other places along the way. We also placed them in the park, on rides and signs. overall, we all agreed that this day at disney was one of the best days of our life for a few different reasons. We spent it meeting amazingly kind and happy people, while being surrounded by the happiest place on earth, and most of all, we spent it together.

Challenge: grab some of  your best friends and go somewhere, it doesnt have to be disney, it could be downtown disney, a grocery parking lot, a movie theater, a park, a beach, anywhere, and post. interact with people and learn about their lives, smile always, and have fun.

Someone loves you.

we love you.

❤ mary b.

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