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November 10, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

follow your heart

:). One of the most meaningful phrases in my life right now is this one, follow your heart. I feel like this is the most essential piece of advice any one person could ever give, or receive. I know at least sometimes in our life, we struggle with what is right and what is easy. We always seek the easy way out, to do what doesn’t take the same effort or maybe what just makes more sense. But your heart knows more about you than anything. You’re heart tells you what your mind doesn’t always want to hear. As a Catholic, I believe that God is in my heart, and therefore He is telling me how to live through that. Follow your heart, you know what is right and wrong for you personally in your life. Take it, hold it, learn it, fix it if its broken, and smile. always.

love always,



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