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October 3, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

the plan…

Hey guys! Today I spread some love in Kohl’s. I took these pictures before I left my house because I did not want to be too obvious in Kohl’s. I hope that these postitsforlove gave some people a reason to smile today. That is what this little project is all about. 

We decided that spreading love one postit at a time is very important to us. To make up for the fact that we are letting this semester get the best of us, we are going to make postitsforlove part of our roadtrip adventure in December! A few of us are road tripping to NYC and we decided that along the way we are going to leave a trail of postits behind! We promise to take tons of pictures so that you all can experience this adventure with us! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  

sometimes we take for granted the time that we have, yet knowing this doesn’t stop us from doing so…*



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