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September 14, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

Hey there…

Hi loves! Well my camera on my phone today decided to be a big jerk so I don’t  have a picture, but I still want to tell you about my postitforlove experience! Today I posted a little note that said “have faith always.” I left it on a huge  column in a building at USFSP this morning before my 930 class. Around 1:30 I went  back to that same building to do some reading before my class at  2. I was sitting on the comfy couches, and getting out my notes. Two other girls were sitting there and one of them was talking about the postit! She said she took it back to her  dorm room because she thought it was cool 🙂 I happen to think she is cool!

So that was the experience, here’s more on the inspiration, “have faith always.” Some people ignore this statement because they automatically think that it has to be related to religion. My belief is that it doesn’t have to be related to religion. I think “faith” could mean something or someone you trust without a doubt. Actually, I think it can mean many things! While many people do have faith in God or a religion, they can also have  faith in other things. The important thing is that no matter what you have faith in, you need to always have faith in something! The things you have faith in are comfortable cushions that you can retreat to or turn to when things may not be going so great. They give you reasons to believe that rough times will get better. Having faith in something brings a new level of happiness to life! I think faith can define extreme loyalty in relationships with friends, family, and even strangers. I think that within faith is where we find our passions, and our passions are what define us as individuals.

So thank you cool girl who thought my postitforlove was cool, you are the reason that this postit (rather than a different one) is the postit I shared with everyone today, and I have complete faith that there is a reason I was there when you mentioned it to a friend. 

don’t lose your faith, don’t run away, hey baby, it’s only life…*



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