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September 12, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

postit journey pictures

Hey loves! While I was taking my postit journey walk it started raining. I was able to post quite a bit of postitsforlove, but wasn’t able to take pictures  of all of them! Perhaps the most interesting thing that happened today was the order in which I randomly pulled the postits out of my bag. The one postit that referenced 9/11 happened to be the one I grabbed while I was crossing the T.I. bridge. Since it was such a gorgeous day, (except for the 30 minutes of rain,) I am positive that dozens of people crossed  the T.I. bridge. My hope is that everyone took time out to remember those who lost their lives due to the terrorist attacks on september 11th. I lived in Queens, New York at the time; and that morning I was sitting in my eighth grade classroom without a care in the world…until the first tower was hit. Without talking about the sad experience, I want to encourage everyone to never forget those that lost their lives, those who were supposed to be at the WTC but for reasons they describe as “fate” they weren’t, and those who have lost loved ones. I know there are times when we get caught up in our day to day routine, and don’t stop to think about moments like this, but I do hope that my postitforlove was seen by a lot of people today so that they took a moment to think about September 11th and what it means.

because we  can’t get back the past, or control the future, all we can do is carry with us the lessons we’ve learned from the past and live as though each second is our last…*



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