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September 9, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

stand up for what you believe in…

Today was a beautiful day. During my time on campus (during class-hehe,) I got out my postit notes and markers. I made dozens of little notes to continue spreading the love one postit at a time. I put a few of the postits I made on cars at USF. This was one of them 🙂 (There were tons of people sitting in their cars, and I wanted to stay anonymous, so I probably looked slightly creepy.)   Sometimes it is hard to take pride in your beliefs. It is easier to stay quiet than it is to speak up sometimes. While I am not suggesting that you have all out brawls over your beliefs, respect that they are a part of you. Remember that those who love you will love everything about you, even if they disagree with your beliefs.

embrace your beliefs, there is a reason why you have them*…



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