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October 8, 2011 / To write love on a post it.

Follow your heart…

A few weeks ago Mary and I got together to make a bunch of postitsforlove to carry around with us. We made so many postitsforlove that night I am still working off of the same stack! There is one postit in particular that I was skipping every time I took out a few postits in a parking lot, at school, shopping, or just out and about. Whenever it came to the top of the pile I would put it underneath and post other notes. Earlier this week I only grabbed a small stack of the postits that I keep in my car to take on a walk with me. As I was walking along a paved pathway on the beach I came to this same postit again and moved it to the bottom of the pile. It was not long before there was only one postit left in my hand. “Follow your heart. Trust that you’ll end up right where you belong when you do.”

Why was I holding on to this message? I kept it in my hand as I left the paved walkway and went to the shore. I spent a lot of time wondering why I hadn’t posted this message for someone to stumble upon yet.

I realized why I couldn’t post it. I didn’t think it was fair of me to send this message out into the world when I was questioning this whole ‘follow your heart’ advice. Following your heart is the easy part. The scary thing is trusting that you’ll end up where you belong. Sometimes when you follow your heart, things do not work out the way you want them to. When you are there, in that place, it is hard to believe that you ended up right where you belong. No one wants to believe that they belong in a place where things didn’t work out. 

The beach was the perfect place to look out as far as the eye could see, breathe in deep, and face the fact that even if we do not realize why we belong somewhere at a particular time, there is a reason we ended up there.  Your heart will always lead you right where you belong; sometimes it leads you to a place where you are going to be for a while, a place that does not seem to make sense, a place that does not match the expectations you had when you set out to follow your heart. Even in these moments, where you feel lost and “regret” following your heart, you have to trust that you are where you need to be in that moment. Think of it as a detour, a direction or turn you did not expect to take. It is important to realize that this is not a dead end, it is just a stop along the way to where your heart is meant to lead you.   

I stood where the water hit the sand for a long time. Following my heart lead me there. It turned out a way I never expected, but I realized that my journey is not over. Some things do not work out because they are not supposed to at a specific time. I felt confident that I did not make any wrong decisions following my heart. When I got back on the pavement to leave the beach, I posted the postitforlove and was happy to finally share this message with someone.

Sometimes the answer is simple: follow your heart. The hard part is trusting that even if you end up a place you didn’t expect, you belong there. 

I wanted to share this story with all of you and remind everyone of something. When it comes to matters of the heart – be it who you belong with, what career path you choose, which school you go to, what social circle you associate with, what responsibilities you take on, and so on – you need to remember to make decisions based on what you. Do not let others tell you what decisions to make with your heart. Do not let others opinions, thoughts, or judgments keep you from going for the things that make you happy. While I am not suggesting that you be a selfish person, I am suggesting that you do not ignore what your heart wants because of other people’s influences. So follow your heart, consider the opinions of those who have your best interest at heart, always make the final decisions based on what you want,  trust your choices, trust and appreciate the outcome; and above all else: enjoy the journey!  

Follow your heart: the journey may be long, the path may twist and turn, but you will eventually end up right where you belong…gabriellemercedes<3

June 28, 2011 / To write love on a post it.


So Mary pointed out that it has been WAY too long since any of us have updated you all on our journey. I was inspired to share with you all my most recent postitforlove experience. I took pictures with my phone but they were too blurry 😦

I was in a shopping center near my house to return some things, and I had some time to waste before I needed to move on to my next errand for the day. I grabbed some of the postits that I keep in my car and stuck some on the cars in the lot. After I was done, I was sitting in my car listening to music, getting ready to leave. I noticed a woman with 3 young children walking toward one of the cars that I put a postit on. Even though I had a stack full of  premade postits, once I saw this woman’s car I made a specific one…

 On the back of her car there was a sticker that said in memory of Chris and indicated that  he was a firefighter. The dates showed that he died recently. There was window paint on the car with messages from his kids, that said things like  “we miss you daddy,” and “we love you everyday.” When I saw her car, I made a postit note that said “fallen heroes make the best guardian angels,” I drew some wings around a heart, and this is the postit I left for her. I watched her read the postit, take it off the window, and begin to cry. After about a minute she looked up at the sky and smiled.

Seeing her reaction made me cry. My hope  is that this postit was just the sign she needed to know that she is not alone. I could tell that getting the note was a positive experience for her. It is moments like this, that truly illustrate the fact that it takes the simplest deed to show someone that they are not alone. It is also moments like this that make postitsforlove such a rewarding experience.

When we started postitsforlove, we were looking for nothing in return. We just wanted  to bring a smile and some happiness to some random people. But I feel like I get so much in return when I just happen to see someone react to their postit.

The thing is: life is hard. Things happen that don’t make sense. And there are some questions that just don’t have answers. Like why people who dedicate their lives to helping others, who have young kids, who are amazing, are taken from us. I don’t know if anyone agrees with me, but sometimes knowing that they are in a better place doesn’t make us feel any better here on earth. Even knowing we  might be with them again one day doesn’t make it hurt any less right now. Along with these unanswered questions, I feel that another thing that doesn’t make any sense, is why some people seem to neglect doing something good just because. I guess sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives, our own daily routine, our own stress, to just set out and do a good deed because we can.

So just as I was inspired to share this story with you, I hope you will be inspired to get out and do something nice for someone today, just because! It truly could bring someone else the happiness they needed at just the right time.

*our lives change because they have to; we grow because we have to; but one thing that will never change is how one small act can warm an entire heart…gabriellemercedes*

March 29, 2011 / To write love on a post it.

Guess what I’m doing tomorrow!


February 2, 2011 / To write love on a post it.

Hey you!

You are beautiful.

November 30, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

Postitsforlove goes to Peru and New York!

Kind of, haha. Unfortunately, we will not all be together for the first few weeks of Christmas break. Mary K will be jet setting off with her youth group to do mission work in Peru (for the third time? I believe) while Shelby, Gabby, Marisa, and I will be road-tripping it 22 hours to the great state of New York! Regardless of where we are, all of us will be posting postits along the way. Either way, we’ll have awesome and blessed times. I know Mary said that she’ll be posting all over, on the plane, in the cities, ect. We’ll also be posting everywhere, including at rest stops, gas stations, subways, trains, and just all over. We sincerely hope you’ll come with us on this journey. I’m going to attempt to post everyday while we’re in New York so that we can show you what we’re doing and hopefully inspire you to go out this holiday season.


We love you!

❤ Mary B.


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November 23, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

Postits: We’re going to Disney World! (or well, we already went)

🙂 hey guys! so, sorry again for the lacking of postage on the sight. we’ve been busy busy bee’s this semester trying to catch up with school work and working like crazy to try and make money$. haha, but we met this past weekend for a magical weekend in orlando. Thursday we saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (AH MAZING <3), friday we hung together, making inside jokes and memories, and made postits for the following day. saturday was a little rocky to begin with, got stuck in traffic on the way to disney but all in all got there in good time. honestly, this day was the most amazing day i’ve ever experienced in my life. Throughout the course of the day we met the most amazing and friendliest people. Ranging from families with small children who we played hand clap games with, to a worker who was kind enough to take our picture and direct us to another fun place to take pictures, to a ferry captain who was hilarious. These people and many more definitely added to our amazing disney experience, the only thing we can think that we did to make others day better is of course, one of our favorite things to do; post postits. mainly at our first stop, downtown disney, our postits were stuck to cars, poles, trash cans, bathrooms, and many other places along the way. We also placed them in the park, on rides and signs. overall, we all agreed that this day at disney was one of the best days of our life for a few different reasons. We spent it meeting amazingly kind and happy people, while being surrounded by the happiest place on earth, and most of all, we spent it together.

Challenge: grab some of  your best friends and go somewhere, it doesnt have to be disney, it could be downtown disney, a grocery parking lot, a movie theater, a park, a beach, anywhere, and post. interact with people and learn about their lives, smile always, and have fun.

Someone loves you.

we love you.

❤ mary b.

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November 12, 2010 / To write love on a post it.

You are beautiful; You are awesome.

So, I help out with a middle school youth group at my church, helping teach middle school kids good values and such. its awesome and I love it. Tonight, our topic is about self image, something I struggled with for a long time, especially when I was there age. It takes a lot of time to have peace of mind and peace of your body. Sometimes its hard to feel beautiful, male or female, especially with all of the “perfect” images projected by the media. But what is beautiful? Who is beautiful? I’ll give you the most honest answer you’ll ever hear; everyone. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You are beautiful. I’ll be giving these postits to the girls and boys tonight at youth group and tell them to put them on a mirror or somewhere they’ll see it. Do yourself a favor and make a postit with something positive on it. either you are beautiful, you have pretty eyes, you look great today, ect. Take it and post it somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Be happy, Smile, I love you. You’re beautiful. 🙂


❤ Mary B.


P.S. POSTITSFORLOVE IS GOING TO ORLANDO next weekend. we’re so excited to all get together and spread some happiness :). yayayyyyyy. pictures to come!